The entire video is hilarious...but Brigitte the Frenchie (from Modern Family) makes her appearance 5 mins in to it...
A while back, I discussed some of the problems I experienced with JoJo and dental chews, click here.  So from now on we tend to buy soft, dog chew toys.  We are trying two new ones this month:  Orbee-tuff chew toy by Planet Dog and Hurley by West Paw Design.  We'll start out with the Orbee-tuff and see if JoJo likes it.  Although, you really have to pay attention with those rubber-like chew toys because if they swallow them, it may never pass...and that means trouble (see the comment here)
If there is sun shining through the window, JoJo will find it.  If I could make a sun searching dog bed, I would.  JoJo could spend her days floating on her little innertube (dog bed) following the warm sun throughout the house...maybe it could vacuum up all her hair at the same time!!
An Ohio photographer rented out a billboard in Los Angeles (for $6,000!) showcasing her dog Denali.  The billboard read "Ellen, Denali the dog wants to meet you."  Give me a break!    The lawyers advised that the billboard should come down ASAP due to trademark sort of infringements, i.e. use of Ellen's name, etc..  The poor dog...the picture isn't even cute, it's actually weird looking. Don't get me wrong, I love retrievers and Denali looks like a sweet heart...but it's the owners who are most ridiculous.  You just can't buy fame.  Nice try...and you're out 6 grand. ouch.  If only she could get Denali to smile.  Looks like sad...kinda like Andy Warhol....  
Photo: Robert Mapplethorpe
Full article at LA Times.
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I found an amazing website called Little Friends by a photographer named Seth Casteel.  His photography is so vivid and fresh.  He is also part of an organization called Second Chance Photos geared towards adopting shelter dogs...along with before and after pics.  He also gives tips on going out and doing photography at your local shelter.  I may give this a try! 
A ton more photos on his blog
This must be a French Bulldog thing....or maybe not....(watch this great SNL skit)...
Read "More Pets Died on Delta Flights in 2011, but Why?"  You'd think that in the year 2011 we'd be able to transport our pets safely through the skies.  Especially in the United States, where pets are practically treated as humans!  Wouldn't the the growth in the pet segment drive airlines to do a better job?  Delta Airlines transported around a thousand pets last year, but 19 died.  That is totally unacceptable.  For one, don't put animals in the cargo area.  When you read the actual reports from Delta, you notice that the animals seem to die of stress.  One golden retriever had a zip tie lodged in it's throat and another French Bulldog, died of "acute collapse of the circulatory system".  Usually, temperature control is the big killer, but that doesn't necessarily seem to be the case.  How the heck do you lose a pet?!                
Supposedly, United will have a dedicated staff and temp-controlled area to transport the animals.  Personally if I had to travel with JoJo it would be in my lap as carry on or on a private plane, see this 2011 NYTimes article.

Tips on flying with pets, click here.  
U.S. Dept. of Transportation, click here.

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