JoJo thought it was all down hill when baby sister came along.  But think again.  JoJo now enjoys First Class luxury, riding shotgun while mom and baby ride in the back!  Sweet.  No more walking around on hot pavement, JoJo now enjoys comfortable stroller rides in the cool shade and plush interiors.  Yesssss!  Not to mention the triple attention spill over she gets because of the baby.  Not too bad for a struggling French Bulldog. 
You may have noticed the blog posts slowing down over the last month...well...that's what a baby does to you!  Especially the first!  Between the poopy diapers, interrupted sleep, work, revolving house guests and barking dogs there isn't much time or energy left!  But we've finally got it under control.  
How did JoJo fare?  Very well, surprisingly.  The only preparation we took before Addison was born was to restrict access to the baby room.  When we took the baby home for the first time, JoJo was VERY interested.  Eyes wide open.  And when the baby cried, JoJo barked.  Made for quite the excitement during a few of those middle of the night diaper changes with a crying baby and barking dog.  To make matters worse, JoJo would hump your leg if the baby cried in your arms?!  That I don't even understand.  Fortunately that only lasted a few days.  Little by little JoJo responded less and less to the high pitched cries.  In fact, now JoJo is the only one getting a full nights sleep!  
I'm pleasantly surprised that Los Angeles (of all places) is leading the way on this issue.  The LA City council voted 11-1 in favor of banning pet stores from selling dogs and cats that are NOT rescues.  Wow.  It always seems to come down to marketing.  Take a dog from a rescue, stick 'em in a nice pet store and wa la!  Everyone is happy.  I think it has chance at working.  I suppose that if you want a puppy, you will have to find a breeder.       
If there was any doubt in your mind that dogs are capable of true friendship, look no further.  This story is equally sad and refreshing.  The body language of the black lab says it all.  Clearly grieving the loss of his companion.  A recent article in TIME Magazine describes true, quantifiable friendship among wild animals.  The authors outline three requirements for animal friendship...constancy, reciprocity, mutual defense.  I'd say that domesticated pets were bred to express those three traits! 

Admittedly, I'm new to Twitter.  I've never read a Tweet.  My friends don't Tweet.  I just never seemed to need it.  But finally I got an account to see what the hype is all about.  Followed a few people, tweeted a few tweets and got some people to follow me.  But here are my first impressions (emphasize "impressions")...

1.  Everyone seems to be talking...but is anyone listening?  And IF someone is listening...who are they? 

2.  Generation thing?  Perhaps I'm just showing my age.  Are the tweens, aka millennials hooked on Twitter?  Consuming every bit of information?  

3.  Majority of Twitter account holders are from companies and organizations. They follow and are followed by other companies and organizations.  Are there ANY individual-individual communications?  I would argue that Facebook is the way to communicate with your friends better than Twitter.  A simple status update does the same thing as Twitter and you don't need to maintain two different lists of friends.  It's redundant.   

4.  FAKE!  I seriously doubt that Oprah Tweets.  She probably has a team of Tweeters.  Which is pretty lame. 

5.  SPAM!  My first day on Twitter and I already had a few followers.  But then I looked at their URL..."http://www.blah".  Nice. 

6.  Number of followers.  A badge of honor.  But it turns out that the best way to get followers is to follow other people who in turn (usually) follow you.  Unless of course you are a celebrity, people will automatically follow you, one could continue to follow people all day and raise their stats.  But what good is that?

I'm sure someone, somewhere has measured the impact of Twitter.  Like anything, it depends on how you use it.  If there is no measurable impact, then we're all just wasting our time.  But fortunately, unlike the real ocean garbage patch, Tweets don't harm the environment.  I blindly jumped on the bandwagon and will continue to ride it out until maybe I can answer some of these questions.  But as they say, perception IS truth.   

A couple months ago Kyle Dyer, a Denver news anchor, was bit in the face while doing a piece on a dog rescued from an icey lake.  When Kyle got too close to the Argentine Mastiff, he bit her in the face!  It was all captured on tape, see it here.  We always tell kids to let the dog smell their hand before petting and never put your face too close to a dog that you do not know.  I think anyone could be lured into that false sense of security.  Dog lovers especially, since we tend to anthropomorphize animals and treat them like human babies.  Just the other day I witnessed a woman walking a German Shepherd and she tripped and fell to the ground.  I ran over to her, grabbed her dog and helped her up.  Luckily, the dog was very friendly...I thought about this case as I was petting the large German Shepherd.  But I was tempted to put my face close and interact with it like I do with JoJo.   
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