You may have noticed the blog posts slowing down over the last month...well...that's what a baby does to you!  Especially the first!  Between the poopy diapers, interrupted sleep, work, revolving house guests and barking dogs there isn't much time or energy left!  But we've finally got it under control.  
How did JoJo fare?  Very well, surprisingly.  The only preparation we took before Addison was born was to restrict access to the baby room.  When we took the baby home for the first time, JoJo was VERY interested.  Eyes wide open.  And when the baby cried, JoJo barked.  Made for quite the excitement during a few of those middle of the night diaper changes with a crying baby and barking dog.  To make matters worse, JoJo would hump your leg if the baby cried in your arms?!  That I don't even understand.  Fortunately that only lasted a few days.  Little by little JoJo responded less and less to the high pitched cries.  In fact, now JoJo is the only one getting a full nights sleep!  

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