The Wesminster Kennel Club dog show, happening in a couple of weeks, will feature six new breeds.  It got me thinking about the process in which a breed is recognized by the AKC.  Obviously, every purebred breed started out as a mutt.  The process is actually quite simple.  The AKC created the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) in order to maintain records and track individual dogs in a 'stud book' (I'm afraid to Google that!).  After three generations of a single pedigree, the breed enters the miscellaneous class (minimum 200 dogs), where animals can participate in events.  In parallel, the breed must rally several committees and clubs to prove that there is interest and support for the breed.  Finally, a breed standard is created and after 1,000 members, the Board of Directors can vote in the new AKC breed.  So that's it, in a nut shell.  Simple in principal, but sounds like a heck of a lot of work!  So how long 'til a labradoodle is an AKC recognized breed?

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