A couple months ago Kyle Dyer, a Denver news anchor, was bit in the face while doing a piece on a dog rescued from an icey lake.  When Kyle got too close to the Argentine Mastiff, he bit her in the face!  It was all captured on tape, see it here.  We always tell kids to let the dog smell their hand before petting and never put your face too close to a dog that you do not know.  I think anyone could be lured into that false sense of security.  Dog lovers especially, since we tend to anthropomorphize animals and treat them like human babies.  Just the other day I witnessed a woman walking a German Shepherd and she tripped and fell to the ground.  I ran over to her, grabbed her dog and helped her up.  Luckily, the dog was very friendly...I thought about this case as I was petting the large German Shepherd.  But I was tempted to put my face close and interact with it like I do with JoJo.   

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