This morning we we're jolted with a tiny little earthquake (5s, 4.0m).  No big deal.  But living in the San Francisco Bay Area, or anywhere in California for that matter, earthquake preparedness is mandatory.  I suffered through the Northridge quake of '94 in southern California, which wasn't a picnic.  It was around 6.7m and caused a lot of damage, including 50 some deaths.  I remember having to sleep in the car for several days, while aftershocks hit every hour or so.  Going to the grocery store to get food, water or propane was practically impossible.  The stores were a complete disaster, electricity was out so it was difficult to see and the lines were long.  The take home prepared.  I recently bought a 4-person earthquake preparedness kit from Mayday.  Of course, plenty of bottled water is a must, I keep three large packs from Costco in the garage at all times. 

But how about the dog? 
Mayday also has kits for our pet...but a homemade one is also easy to make.
Here are some suggestions:
1. Food
2. Bottle of water
3. Collapsible dog bowls.
4. Spare collar and leash
5. Required Medications?
6. Blankets and towels
7. Immunization records, just in case you want to board your dog
8. Toys and chew toys
9. Folding crate (I leave one in the car)

The human first aid kit can double as a pet first aid kit.
Be sure your dog sleeps in a CLEAR location, free from falling pots, mirrors, books, glass picture frames, etc. 

Goodluck.  Your dog will thank you when the BIG one hits. 

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