The Chihuahua is indeed the dog of Mexico...perfect for Cinco De Mayo.  But why a tank?  Some people are just nuts.
Well, if you don't know who Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey is, click here.  Love the song, "Baby Monkey..."
On a regular day our bed is JoJo proofed (see our simple foil method)!  But JoJo is very perceptive...when we slip up, she slips in!  Heck, that looks like one comfy little hole.
The entire video is hilarious...but Brigitte the Frenchie (from Modern Family) makes her appearance 5 mins in to it...
This must be a French Bulldog thing....or maybe not....(watch this great SNL skit)...
Check out his Facebook Page and Homepage.
Proof that dogs know RIGHT and WRONG!
Every night JoJo stands in front of her toy closet...hoping, patiently, waiting for a toy to magically appear.  This night we opened the door.  She slowly sniffed around and pulled out half a dozen toys.  Then, she just sat there.  What?  Isn't that the story of OUR lives!?  Like they say "Happiness is a journey, not a destination".

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