Actually it's owned by Amazon!  (more on that later)  So, just the other day my wife and I came across a website called  It's fairly new, having launched only 6 months ago.  When you visit the site you, instantly you get a completely unique "shopping experience".  Excellent photographs, soothing colors, professional web design...all the stuff we love.  They advertise free shipping on orders over $49, within 1-2 days and no surcharges for heavy bulky items.    
Immediately I think to compare with Amazon.  I'm not going to be fooled by the fancy website!  I want the cheapest price...the BEST deal!  I randomly selected several items and found that Amazon was cheaper only half of the time...but usually on the bigger ticket items, such as Natural Balance Dog Food...which seems to be very popular BTW.  All in all, I don't think that there is much of a price difference between the two sites.  It really depends on what you are ordering and whether or not it is eligible for "FREE Super Saver Shipping" on Amazon, etc. is great if you want to browse while you shop.  It's like going to walk in for toilet paper and you leave with a new Vita-mix blender, a new printer and 25 boxes of Altoids!  It's well done.  Unlike Amazon, where it can be sometimes difficult to wander around because they have SO much stuff! (hence the name, Amazon!)  We bought a BIG bag of dog food...and it came in two shipping $.  Saves me from lugging it out of my trunk...Sweet!   
As I mentioned before, is owned by Amazon through an independent subsidiary called Quidsi.  Quidsi has several other "boutique" websites, such as, and of which I had actually never heard of.  
While meandering the app store the other day, I came across this FREE app by Dog Tag LLC.  Turns out to be incredibly comprehensive.  At least 30% of the dog breeds listed, I had never even heard of.  It will FETCH the perfect breed for you, based on criteria that you input, such as size, living space, training, exercise, etc.  Each breed has three or four nice pictures.  The app store user reviews give it 5.5/6 stars with 630 reviews.  Not too shabby.  This is what was written for the French Bulldog:     

Breed Origin: England
Breed Group: Non-Sporting
19 to 28 pounds
Males 28 pounds maximum
Females 28 pounds maximum

Although some uncertainty surrounds the ancestry of the French Bulldog, the English Bulldog must have played some role.  A story that explains their shared appearances describes the export of small and toy-sized English Bulldogs to France in the mid-19th century.  Crosses there with unknown dogs produced the distinctive domed head and "bat-shaped" ears that distinguish the French dog from its English cousins.  Many qualities recommend the French Bulldog as a pet - a clean coat, small size and a sweet disposition.  Owners have found that these alert dogs make effective, but generally quiet, watchdogs.

Other Names: Bouledogue Français, Frenchie, Felix, Twinkie, T-Bone, Tbone, Cash 

Fairly accurate as far as I can tell...not sure where the heck it got all of the "Other Names"!  Cash?  T-Bone?
In an effort to prevent my dog from getting gum disease, gingivitis, etc. we bought Healthy Mouth.  If you browse their website, you'll quickly notice all of the claims and pseudo scientific jargon being thrown around.  But first, lets get to my experience.  I bought a bottle for $60 bucks!  I diluted it as instructed and used it for several weeks.  It has a unique smell and is green.  HMMM.  Well JoJo was not impressed either.  In fact, I noticed that the water bowl was not going down as it usually does.  Poor dog was probably thinking we're trying to poison her.  So I then put down another bowl of untreated water and she never touched the Healthy Mouth water mixture.  In fact, over time the Healthy Mouth solution developed a weird precipitate of green gunk.  That was it.  It now sits in my cupboard.  Definitely NOT worth any amount of money in my opinion.
So I went back to their website to look a little deeper.  Within seconds, I began kicking myself for buying this crap.  Snake oil for pets!  I've seen this all before...the nutraceutical industry (for humans) is famous for making bogus claims because they don't have to "prove" anything to anyone.  Unlike the pharmaceutical industry that spends billions to run "real" clinical trials where the FDA makes the final decision (a topic for another blog!).  Healthy Mouth says "clinically proven" which means absolutely nothing to me, unless it has been published in a peer reviewed journal.  That is how science works!  (take it from me)  Its full of vitamins and anti-oxidants and scientific jargon....and it obviously sells (take a look at the address given on the website, nice view). 

At the end of the day, I can't honestly say that it does or does not work.  But what I can say is that my dog did not want to drink green water with a funky smell and green precipitate.  Sorry JoJo.

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