How is it that French Bulldogs inspire such crazy s#$t!?  An entire winery built around one Frenchie.  A French Bulldog tasting room?  I love it.  Can't wait to visit in Napa.  www.frenchiewinery.com.  Weird. 

Probably my favorite day of the week is Friday (afternoon, to be specific).  The weekend hasn't even started and you're planning the perfect getaway.  If you live in the SF Bay Area, then Mendocino is on the short list.  SO grab your pooch and get movin!  
Thirty minutes after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, cut over to Pacific Coast Highway 1 and make your way to Pt. Reyes.  First stop, Cow Girl Creamery.  Grab a slice of their award winning Red Hawk Triple-Cream or Inverness (see photo), a bag of crackers and a bottle of wine.  There's an outside grassy area perfect to eat your snack while your dog stares at you, begging for mercy.  The creamery also offer tours...definitely worth it if you have the time.  If you're up for some shopping, check out the original Coyuchi store in Pt. Reyes.  My wife filled the trunk with incredible deals...up to 75% off. 
If you're ever traveling the coast of California and need a good place to stop in between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Shell Beach is it.  Shell Beach is technically located in the northern most part of Pismo Beach proper.  If you take the Shell Beach EXIT off of the US101 freeway, you will find a small park just a few blocks South (see map below).  Along the way you'll notice a bunch of places to stop and eat or pickup refreshments for the remainder of your drive.  Once you get to the park, there is plenty of grass for your pooch to stretch their legs.  If you have kids, there's a small play ground right in the middle.  And of course a clean bathroom for us!  It always helps to catch a glimpse of that beautiful California coastal view.  
One of the best places to stop in Napa with your dog is Gott's Roadside, formerly known has Taylor's Refresher.  On a beautiful day, its the perfect place to hang with your dog, a cheeseburger and a cold brew.  They have a great picnic area for a clear sunny day.     
And of course, you can't neglect the pooch, nor your craving for dessert...so don't forget to stop in Yountville at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery.  Foie Gras dog biscuits...JoJo was juiced!
Screen door is open for photo op only!!! 
Remember to keep your crate securely fashioned to the seat.
“Pets need seat belts too, expert says”  I couldn’t agree more.  Not only for their protection but your own...We all know that a tissue box in the rear of your car could kill you in a 35mph accident.  Well, so could a Frenchie flying through your cabin!  If you’re smart, you too will keep your dog secured while driving the car, either with a harness system or a crate.  I have always preferred the crate because it keeps my car hair and saliva-free and prevents the leather from getting all scratched up.  Not to mention that if the window were down, JoJo would probably jump out to greet a passerby!  We’ve spent countless hours driving with JoJo from SF to LA, literally from the day we got her.  Starting early is obviously very important.  In fact, the few times JoJo got loose from the house, she ran straight to the parked car outside!  Knowing how to travel with your dog is very important.

DO be sure your dog takes a crap before leaving!  About two hours into a drive once upon a time, JoJo turns her ass towards the front of the crate...and...lets just say there was a whole lot of cursing coming from my mouth!  Sometimes you just get caught up in packing...etc, and forget about your dog! 

DON'T feed your dog before the trip.  Although, we’ve never had any problems with this, its a good precaution in case your dog is a travel puker.

DO bring lots of water.  Obviously in hot summer months, you and your dog don’t want to be stranded without water.  Brachiocephalic dogs especially are susceptible to heat.  We usually bring a spray bottle along to keep her cool in the summer.

DO bring your dog's fav toy or blanket

DO make a bathroom break every three hours.  Mainly for the human passengers! 

DON'Tput your dog in the back of your truck, free to roam around!  I've seen this numerous times and it wouldn't take much more than a swerve to eject your dog.   Seriously people.

I’m usually jealous when I glance over at JoJo, she’s snoozing in FIRST CLASS!    That's how you travel with a dog.

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