So it's the holidays again...traveling to the parents house, to the sisters house, to the in-laws house...all over southern California!  And of course JoJo in tow!  The problem is that everyone has gotten a new dog within the last few years.  And unfortunately, JoJo is somewhat of a pain in the butt when it comes to other dogs.  She loves to harass them!  Not to mention that JoJo is a flight risk.  If she sees an open door...she will escape!  Add the raw energy of kids and you got a big chaotic headache on your hands.

Meet Nerone, the Miniature Australian Shephard.
Nerone, 3 years old, named after the Roman emperor Nero, the guy who built the coliseum  (literal translation: black).  Nerone is practically human and the only dog in the family that knows how to deal with JoJo.  Nerone has an incredible temperament and responds to every command.  Needless to say, JoJo and Nerone are best buds...Nerone is well educated and sophisticated, while JoJo is like a parolee undergoing rehabilitation.  Hey it works.   

Meet Tanner, the Golden Retriever.    
Tanner, 3 years old, was rescued from a neglected home.  He was overweight and lacking attention.  But now, he's a slimmed down family pet with two kids to tend to his every need.  But JoJo does NOT like big Golden Retrievers.  I don't know what it is about these dogs, but JoJo lets out horrible growling/squealing sounds when Tanner comes near.  Being that Tanner is 4 times the weight, it's a tough situation to get a handle on.  I think that if they lived near each other, they could become friends, but since they see each other once a year its not worth the hassle. 

Meet Asia Bella, 1.5 years old, Boston Terrier.
Notice the home-made dog cone.
Finally JoJo has competition.  This young pup is CRAZY...just like someone we know (wink, wink).  Asia Bella can bring it!  In fact, JoJo tries to avoid this dog (a first).  But, Asia will do drive-by-attacks and then JoJo goes nuts.  Make a long story short, JoJo is no longer welcome here.  It's just too much work to keep them from pseudo-fighting.

Now, add my sister, brother-in-laws, 7 and 11 year-old niece and nephew to the mix with a full house...I can't take it!

More egg-nog please.   

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