Discover the All Time Favorite Bread Recipes that Use Yeast

yeast for baking powder is proven to be one of the most satisfying and relaxing things to do in the kitchen. You will surely love the aroma of yeasted dough as well as how it really feels on your hands while you are kneading it and seeing the dough raise. You will also love to see it raise and puff inside the oven. The most exciting part of bread making may include slicing through the crust and taking the first bite. If you have passion in pastry and bread making, you will surely love the entire process over and over again.

The Crucial Role of Yeast in Bread Making
Yeast acts as dough developer, flavor builder and leavener. Yeast is also a good driving force behind the fermentation; a magical process allowing dense mass of the dough to be well-risen loafs of bread. There are truly lots of amazing things that this single-celled fungus is offering.

Yeasts basically functions by consuming sugar and then excreting alcohol and carbon dioxide as by products. When it comes to bread making, the yeast has three major roles and most individuals are probably aware of its leavening ability. Fermentation also helps in strengthening and developing gluten into dough and also contributes to the great flavors of the bread.


If you are thinking about the all-time favorite bread recipes that use yeast, the following are worth the look:


American Sandwich Bread

American Sandwich BreadOne of the great things you will surely love about this recipe is that aside from being delicious, this is easy to make. Some individuals are actually intimidated by homemade breads not just because of the yeast but also the time factor. Some even think that it takes a better part of the day to indulge in loaf of some homemade bread. This is not true in all cases. America Sandwich bread proves that there is heaven in every slice and bite. This is indeed one in the long list of all-time favorite breads that use yeast.


Cheese and Bacon Easter Bread

Cheese and Bacon Easter BreadThis is also fairly easy to make and bake up for this only requires a rise and dough seems very forgiving. Upon mixing the dough altogether using your hands or a mixer, you can roll this out thinly and turn into larger rectangle. You can then sprinkle this with ideal amount of bacon and cheese combined with some pepper however; using regular bacon would be fine. The swirls of the cheese and bacon packer to tender and light dough also make this bread recipe a slice of savory heaven.




Bagels are also among the top all-time favorite bread recipes that use yeast and you can even prepare this even at home. These days, other bagels are available such as blueberry bagels, plain bagels Asiago bagels, cinnamon-raisin bagels and more.

These are just few of the many food recipes that use yeast and individuals can also try at home.  Indeed, yeast has made a greater contribution in the creation of this food recipes and bread products.

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